Chutneys and Jams, Home made in North Wales


Chutneys, Jams, Pickles, Marmalades, Cordial and Curds

Welcome to Pant Glas Bach Preserves

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Pant Glas Bach is a smallholding in Axton just outside the village of Llanasa. We are a Welsh national award winning artisan producer of home-made quality preserves; including chutneys, jams, jellies, pickles, curds and marmalades.

The business is run by Carol and Brian Horwich who believe in using wholesome quality ingredients, 'hand-me-down', traditional and their own unique recipes, enhanced by home-grown & local seasonal crops to produce preserves that you will not find in the supermarket.


We prepare all our products by hand and are very proud of the fact that our pieces of diced vegetable and fruit are non-uniform in shape. All our jam, chutney, pickle, curd and marmalade is handmade in small batches using standard kitchen equipment as you would use in your own home.


All our ingredients are free from artificial colours, artificial flavourings and preservatives.


Each of our chutneys is left to mature for between 4 and 8 weeks, until it is 'fit for the table'.


Wherever possible, our fruit and vegetables are sourced locally, picked locally or home-grown. Our own crops are grown without the addition of any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.

Our main fertiliser is provided by two rescue ponies Bobby and Ishca who now have the freedom to graze on our small holding after previously being neglected and abandoned.  We also compost as much household, garden and kitchen waste as possible.


We sell our products on-line (click here to see our products for sale), in local shops / garden centres and at local events where you can also come along and sample some of our products.


To help you decide on tastes and flavours we have developed a taste chart to help you appreciate our products.


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