Chutneys and Jams, Home made in North Wales


Product Overview


Pant Glas Bach Preserves - Jams, chutneys, marmalades, curds and pickles for sale.



Further product categories:
Homemade Chutneys. All our Chutneys use wherever possible local seasonal ingredients. We apologise for some products not being available at certain times of the year.
Fresh Fruit Cordials
All our curds are made in small batches. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or colourings. They are all made to order and are considered fresh at the point of sale. We only use our own fresh free-range eggs.
Gift Packs
A selection of Jams, Chutneys, Pickles or Marmalades in gift packs
All our jams are homemade using wherever possible our own, local or locally sourced fruits. We have indicated for certain products a reduced sugar amount which we believe delivers a better fruity flavour.
Coming Soon
Our marmalade is all hand cut and should therefore be considered medium cut (on average!)
Our pickles use local vegetables and are very popular throughout the year.

Not sure about the taste, visit our taste chart for some help

We only deliver within the UK

Due to the seasonal nature of our ingredients not all products are available for sale throughout the year. 

 Please feel free to order online using the above, via e-mail, over the phone (01745 570867) or come and meet us at a Farmers Market, Country Show or Craft Fair .

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